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User Comments:
1. | Jan 7, 2014
I guess finding useful, reliable inftamroion on the internet isn't hopeless after all.
2. | Jan 5, 2014
Read the Tea Leaves Mr. Hoffa. Your time is up. Working America is tired of our hard earned dolalrs being funneled to your pockets and that of your friends. The corruption is going to be ended. You have no allegiance to those you represent. Why is the Post Office in dire straights? Teachers, Police, unionized auto workers, just about every working union has been priced out of the game. What is your goal? Privatize the postal service and save jobs! The union is killing jobs. How can so many people be so blind? What do you think ALL Americans want but jobs? We all want the same thing only you demand stimulus to do it, The Tea Party relies on themselves.
3. | Aug 12, 2013
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4. | Aug 1, 2013
VOTE YES to contract . i think that would make for a great t-shirt since this aremeegnt is basically like a gun to all our heads. VOTE NO ! ALl that energy you spend trying to sell the contract you should be using to help educate members to vote NO . But i guess you are all afraid of your daddy MR HOFFA whos also just sitting around sipping on tea and eating crackers. TO all the 804 board dont forget about the oath you took when getting into office and dont forget where you came from and who put you where you are at today. Because as of right now you are breaking the oath you took and you are doing nothing but sell out the members. without our union dues you would have nothing! DO you jobs and stop selling this contract. VOTE NO and spread the word. This is a taste of whats going on in my hub and i know its going on in hubs across the USA . IF this contract was so good the company wouldnt be trying to sell it to us the way they are doing. The thing is the contract is so horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible that they are trying to sell it as much as possible because they all know this contract is a disgrace and nothing but a slap in the face to all Hard working UPS workers. Yeah so howards redmond says times are rough and we need to settle ok so times are rough huh ? well since your making 157,000 a year i dont think times are rough. Since you are getting rich off all our union dues! The company gets rick everyday off the sweat off our backs and we can benefit from that? why cant we benefit from that? why are all our executive boards getting rich off of us but there not doing anything for us? thats what i want 2 know ? WOW im annoyed! STOP CUTTING Deals and weaking our contracts executive boards and MR Hoffa especially over there cutting deals and taking a check under the table. The problem is that UPS and our own UNION are making deals and not fighting to get us what we deserve instead the UNION is giving givebacks and taking a check under the table. DONT FORget where you came from and who put you in office.
5. | Apr 30, 2013
I see, I souppse that would have to be the case.